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Upstream Distribution is an invite-only self-service music and video distribution platform for indie labels and creators.

Our robust self-service platform empowers indies worldwide, enabling creative professionals to maximize control of their distribution workflow, unearth hidden data, and access label services — helping you unleash your earning potential, all on your own terms.

Deliver Premium Music Videos & Podcasts

Deliver content to a broad array of video destinations, such as Apple Music Video, VEVO, YouTube, Tidal, XITE and More!

Deliver Premium Music Videos & Podcasts

Deliver content to a broad array of video destinations, such as Apple Music Video, VEVO, YouTube, Tidal, XITE and More!

Enhance Your Release & Increase Your Engagement

Distribution through Upstream gives you access to a full suite of features to help you earn more from your music and video content.

Audio & Video distribution

• DSP Delivery
• Accounting
• Analytics

Royalty Administration

• Manage your payees
• Automate payments
• Track earnings by DSP
• Export detailed statements

Rights Management

• Monetize audio/video content
• Direct splits for every asset type
• Set protection policies as a creator
• Monitor copyright claims anytime, anywhere

Data & Analytics

• Review platform metrics
• Track catalog performance
• Leverage detailed artist streaming data
• View breakdowns & drive decision-making

Got a question?

  • What is Upstream?
    Upstream is a music and video content and distribution company offering streamlined audio & video distribution for indie artists and labels. We help develop up and coming acts into successful profit earning partners, and assist growing artists to increase their audience and monetization opportunities. Upstream provides analytics and content management tools, as well as premium services including custom promotion and marketing campaigns to further nurture artists and reach new fans.
  • How do I become a client on Upstream?
    Upstream membership is through invitation only. You can contact us HERE with requested information to see if you are a fit for Upstream’s distribution and services partnership.
  • How much do I get paid and how do I receive it?
    Upstream takes a standard distribution fee of 20% per release, paying the content owner 80%. With our more select clients we partner with custom royalty splits depending on our scope of investment and support for the artist. Streaming platform payments are received 30 to 90 days after streams are calculated, with some platforms like VEVO taking 5 months to be paid out. Once received by Upstream, client royalties are paid out to your dashboard account and transferred to your bank account automatically in the middle of each month. A minimum account balance of $35 is required to initiate payout.
  • How do I get my video on Vevo through Upstream?
    Once you have claimed your Upstream account via email invite, Upstream will request VEVO to create a new artist channel. After the channel has been created, you may upload your video file and metadata, and schedule your release by choosing Vevo as a premium destination. Note your channel will still need to be merged with your OAC if you have one, and we’ll be able to request that merge for you.